How To Generate Great Results With Facebook Ads

There are really 3 primary things you need to do to generate great results with Facebook Ads every single month...

If you can get really good at these three things you'll never have to worry about not generating great results with Facebook ads...

Now, you'll first want to make sure you have a landing page, funnel, website, product or service that is functional and converts otherwise this becomes irrelevant.

1. Constantly test new ads.

The more ads you can test the better.You want to be able to create as many variations you can think of.

This will allow you to come test a high volume of ads so you can eventually find out which ad resonates best with an audience and will convert the most people for the lowest cost.

Most people never test enough ads and wonder why their ad performance is no good...

2. Constantly test new audiences.

Same thing here, the more audience you can test the better.

Now the key is to test a high volume of audiences that already have 1-3 top performing ads.

So from the first few audiences you might have tested you need to identify your top performing ads.

Once you find some high performing ads then you'll launch those into as many audiences to test as you can think of.

This will allow you to find the best audience and ad combination that results in the highest number of conversions for the lowest cost.

3. Ruthlessly cut any under performing ad sets and ads.

Since you'll probably have a high volume of ads and audiences running you'll now want to cut any under performing ones...

To consider it an underperforming ad or audience just look at how many results it has, what the cost is, and what the ROAS is and if it's below your overall average than turn it off.

This is going to force the algorithm to move the ad spend towards the best performing audiences and ads which scales up the number of results you get and dramatically cuts your costs down.

If you constantly practice doing these 3 things you'll never have to worry about not generating great results...

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To your success.

- Chase

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