High ROAS Facebook Ads

High return on ad spend (ROAS) Facebook Ads for eCommerce and lead generation businesses are most easily attained when the ads are customized at each stage of the buyers journey.

1. Reach new potential customers.

The first set of ads you need are going to be for the top of the funnel to acquire new customers...

These are the people that you reach but have never heard about your product/service.

This is where you get people into the buyers journey so you can later nurture them through the process and convert them for a way lower cost.

2. Retarget at every stage of the funnel.

Retargeting at every stage of your funnel is imperative especially if you have traffic coming in at a high volume...

You should setup retargeting for just about every step someone can take in your funnel.

Set up retargeting for anyone who clicked on your ad and visited your landing page but didn't convert.

Set up retargeting for anyone who clicked on view your product and didn't purchase.

Set up retargeting for add to carts, for people who purchased, for people who visit your site frequently.

For each stage you need to make sure to have a unique ad and message. This improves conversions and people like someone to baby step them through things anyways so it's a win win.

The more unique retargeting you do the more likely you'll see an increase in your conversions.

With having such a nurtured buyer journey it increase your ROAS significantly if done right...

Now if you don't have a significant amount of traffic in your funnel then you should still setup all the retargeting but just set the daily budgets at the lowest spend limit per day.

That way it won't waste money and if there are opportunities the system will only spend a little ad spend and still achieve the result you need.

3. Nurture campaigns.

With nurture email campaigns you can follow up with anyone that has submitted an email with you.

If they purchased a product you can send them an email campaign showing them more products since they are qualified.

If they are constantly on your site and haven't purchased you can send them an email with a special offer to get them to convert.

This combined with your unique retargeting campaigns is going to help increase your ROAS...

Now if you want to get a consistent ROAS using Facebook ads...

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To your success.

- Chase

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