Get 8X, 9X & 10X+ Facebook Ad ROAS

Hey everyone, Coronavirus is doing something remarkable to Facebook.

Facebook is seeing a surge in traffic and it makes sense -- Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world.

And after testing our audience strategy and running ads during the coronavirus.

I can confidently report that this audience testing strategy is highly effective especially when leveraging the proven system we developed.

In fact, while everyone is screaming sales are down we are seeing sales are up across the board...

This eCommerce client of ours is seeing a 6.78X ROAS using our interest and lookalike audience testing strategy.

Facebook Ad eCommerce ROAS Results Example

Now is the perfect time to start working on your Facebook Ads to start scaling...


1. Internet traffic is increasing more than we have EVER seen.
2. More Facebook content is being consumed than EVER before.
3. You have more free time than ever before thanks to social quarantine rules.

In fact, these 3 things alone have allowed our interest testing strategy to scale up and generate 220 purchases in only 11 days at 9.93X ROAS for one of our eCommerce clients...

Facebook Ad eCommerce ROAS Results Example

You see, the numbers are here... There are more people on facebook that you can imagine right now.

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. With schools shut down, companies working from home, and over 10 million Americans unemployed...everybody has a lot more free time on their hands.

More free time = more time spent on Facebook to pass the time.

More time spent on Facebook = more sales opportunities to grow sales with Facebook Ads...

In fact, look at these results for another one of our eCommerce clients we generated 113 purchases here and got a 10.07X ROAS for them and it's still growing...

It's clear as day, that now is the time to start scaling and using an interest testing strategy that generates results that most would only dream of...

When else will the entire world be forced to stay indoors all day?

Facebook Ad eCommerce ROAS Results Example

You see, when you have a proven system that brings consistency to your business you're able to direct focus into improving the other parts of your business.

And with the world is in a strange place right now, you have the opportunity to make the most out of this situation and spend your quarantine on something that actually matters: working towards your dream life.

In fact, that's what we are doing for another client. We are building their dream life by scaling their eCommerce business to levels they were not expecting...

We are averaging an 8.52X ROAS for them and they are seeing more sales in the past month than they've seen in the last 3 months combined...

Facebook Ad eCommerce ROAS Results Example

You want to know what the most amazing part about all of this is?

No matter how niche, or weird your target audience is...Facebook can find more people just like them...

My point here is, Facebook’s data collection is so in-depth, I don’t think there’s a single business in the world that has customers that can’t be reached through Facebook ads.

We've done this with many small business that had no idea they could even scale up results using Facebook.

We've been able to achieve a 4.49X ROAS just in the first few days for them with over 94 purchases. That doesn't include all the referrals and returning customers and email list growth that they can use to get more sales either.

Facebook Ad eCommerce ROAS Results Example

The list is endless. The data is out there, and Facebook allows our agency to use it and I can show you how to use it as well too.

You can easily find new customers for your business with Facebook ads.

If you want to learn how *exactly* how we use a proven system to launch our interest testing strategy, retargeting strategy, and lookalike strategy to generate 4X to 12X ROAS like this eCommerce client below that we got 117 purchases for just in the last few days...

Facebook Ad eCommerce ROAS Results Example

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To your success!

– Chase

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