Facebook CBO Retargeting Strategy

Hey everyone, after making the switch to campaign budget optimization (CBO).

We've found that the most success that has come from CBO is when it's used with retargeting campaigns.

Check out these Facebook CBO retargeting campaign results that our proven system is achieving success with multiple different businesses...

This lead-based business applied our proven system leveraging the campaign budget optimization retargeting strategy and within 30 days achieved a 17X ROAS.

Lead Generation Facebook Ads CBO Strategy

Getting a 17X ROAS is no small number... Imagine the impact that would have in your business...

Then we had an eCommerce business that used our proven system and CBO retargeting strategy and they generated a 8X ROAS.

eCommerce campaign budget optimization strategy (CBO) for Facebook Ads

You see, when you have a proven system that brings consistency to your business you're able to direct focus into improving the other parts of your business that matter rather than always having to worry about where and when that next lead or purchase is going to come.

Now, of course, it's important to note everyone that used our testing method from the proven system finds their best performing campaigns, ad sets and ads for them prior to them going live with their CBO retargeting campaign.

But even if you don't use our proven system and you decide to use just the CBO retargeting strategy alone...

You can still see great results!

So what is the highly effective CBO retargeting strategy?

The retargeting strategy consists of sourcing your best ad creatives and high performing audiences and then placing them all together in a CBO campaign it's that simple...

Campaign budget optimization (CBO) retargeting strategy:

  • Create 1-3 custom audience ad sets with 30d, 60d, and 180d
  • Have at least 1-2 ad creatives that are high performers in each ad set
  • Set campaign budget to $2/daily if audience size is less than 2,000 people
  • Set campaign budget to $10/daily if audience size is less than 5,000 people

Then reason you set the budget so low is that you'll eventually reach your entire audience in a matter of days...

Which is going to allow you to get the low hanging fruit without overpaying.

You'd be surprised how effective the pixel is in optimizing your retargeting at such a low budget.

Now, what do you do if you haven't found your best performing ad sets, audiences, bid strategy, and ad creatives or if you don't have a proven system?

Well, like I said before the CBO retargeting strategy alone is still very powerful and can generate great results...

But if you want to make all the difference and gain that competitive edge like everyone else here that uses a proven system to find the best of the best campaigns, ad sets, and ads that are successful...

Want to get consistent Facebook Ad Results...

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To your success.

- Chase

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