Facebook Ads Audience 1000 Strategy

Want to know how to create a Facebook custom audience of 1,000 qualified people in less than 2 days?

First, you need to start by providing value...

1. Make value posts on your social media feed.
2. Make value posts in Facebook groups in your niche.
3. Be consistent don't make just 1 post. Post every week.

Those three things alone will get you started with some leads and will add credibility to you.

Now, once you are doing those three things you'll want to do these next...

1. Make one super value article and post it in niche Facebook groups.

Make sure you have a pixel on your site when you do this.

It's the fastest way to build up a custom audience of potential customers.

As people visit your article they are going to be tracked by the pixel which will later let you build your custom audience.

2. Start running Facebook ads.

That is going to allow you to capture those visitors as leads and potential customers.

3. Now, from all those visitors create a lookalike.

Since you sent a ton of people to your site from the niche Facebook groups you now have an audience of the right people...

And creating a lookalike saves you from having to do all the guesswork with interest-based targeting...

And to just to confirm this works...

We tested this over the past 2 days and received 986 visitors of people who were only interested in Facebook ads.

We then launched a lookalike into a campaign.

What followed after was shocking...

We cut our cost per lead in half and increased our quality leads by 3x...

That's how you blow up your business results, cut costs in half and triple quality lead count in less than two days.

Want to get consistent Facebook Ad Results...

Schedule a 1-on-1 coaching session with Chase here.


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To your success.

- Chase

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