Facebook Ad Messenger Strategy

Increase your Facebook Ad Messenger and email list subscribers at the same time for the same cost...

This is a great way to increase your lead volume, keep costs low and so you can be able to reach the same people on your email list and messenger list...

1. Create a Facebook messenger campaign.

This is relatively simple... If you have a lead generation campaign than just duplicate it and change it to messenger.

2. Build out a messenger sequence.

If you're a lead based business then all you need to do is ask the questions you would normally ask to qualify the person except do it using the Facebook messenger automation.

3. Ask for an email.

The important part here is to make sure to ask for an email so they can receive the free offer or special deal you are giving them.

Once they submit the email you can have it automatically upload to your email list software.

Now you'll be able to send not only messenger blasts to your list but you'll be able to send email blasts as well at no addition cost.

This is great because you're able to reach people on two different mediums and if they opt-out of one you'll be able to reach them on another.

It also helps to ensure if someone doesn't check email but they check messenger you can still reach them or vice versa.

Ultimately, this can lead to more conversions, awareness and sales all from just having people start in your funnel through messenger.

We are doing this for a lead based business and are paying less than $.80 cents per lead to get them on the messenger and email list.

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To your success.

- Chase

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