Facebook Ad Learning Phase Tips

Every time you launch a Facebook ad/ad set it will enter into the learning phase...

The learning phase allows the algorithm to learn more about who to show your ads too and what clusters of audiences it's going to focus on.

But the problem that most Facebook advertisers face is that they are constantly in the learning phase and can never get out...

This is a problem because results never end up stabilizing causing inconsistencies in their results which lead to overall higher costs...

The best way to get out of the learning phase to stabilize results, get lower costs, and bring consistency to your results is to follow these best practices...

Learning phase best practices.

During the learning phase, ad sets are less stable and usually have a higher CPA.

To avoid behaviors that prevent ad sets from exiting the learning phase...

Wait to edit your ad set until its out of the learning phase (7-days)

During the learning phase, performance is less stable, so your results aren't always indicative of future performance.

By editing an ad, ad set or campaign during the learning phase, you'll reset learning and delay the algorithms ability to optimize for you.

Avoid unnecessary edits that cause ad sets to re-enter the learning phase.

So many people finally get out of the learning phase but then end up putting themselves right back in it...

Any edits that could change how your ad set might perform in the future can cause an ad set to re-enter the learning phase.

So only edit your ads or ad set when you have reason to believe that doing so would improve performance.

Avoid high ad volumes.

When you create way too many ads and ad sets, the algorithm learns less about each ad and ad set than when you create fewer ads and ad sets.

But you should also still be testing new creative and audience strategies in other campaigns because it's still essential for improving your performance over time.

Finally, if you can't seem to get out of the learning phase there is few reasons for why...

1. The bid control or cost control is too low.
2. Your budget is too low.
3. Your audience size is too small.
4. You have too many ad sets.
5. Your optimization event occurs very infrequently.
6. Other ad sets from the same ad account are winning auctions instead.

The bottom line is completing the learning phase is necessary to help the algorithm best optimize your ad sets and ads to get the best results at the most consistent costs...

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