Facebook Ad Interest Testing & 10X-20X ROAS

Topics Covered:

Test more interest audiences to find audiences that outperform your current audiences.

Start by focusing on the audiences, countries, and ads that get high conversion rates.

How to visualize your funnel metrics.

How to setup funnel metrics.

How to create a Facebook funnel dashboard.

How to map out your funnels on Facebook.

Always make sure to build out columns in your ad manager to visualize your data.

eCommerce ad metrics example.

How to write copy for eCommerce.

How to format your ads to get a high ROAS.

How to find eCommerce ads that convert.

Use Facebook Case Studies to find ad campaigns you can learn from.

What products should you focus on selling with Facebook ads.

Always start with selling your #1 product on Facebook so you can build up a high ROAS before testing newer products.

How to use Facebook Success Stories to find ads that get 10x-20x ROAS.

How to identify ads that are generating high ROAS so you can implement similar ad formats.

How to identify audiences to target in your industry based on a Facebook business success story.

How to use the Facebook Ads Expert Mastery Q&A Call search feature to find answers to your questions and gain further insights.

How to launch ads that have already been proven by other advertisers.

How to search for Facebook business success stories.

How to upload customer list into Facebook.

How to match audiences on Facebook.

How to create a custom audience and lookalike audience.

How to filter audience segments to find higher conversion rates.

How to increase funnel conversion rates using Facebook Audience Segments

Constantly test and find new audiences.

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