Effective Facebook Ad Tips

Hey everyone, you need to make your ads more effective so it can do wonders for your results... Increasing conversions, lowering costs, and improving engagement.

You don't need a large budget or professional videographers/ photographers to make creative Facebook ads that convert...

Many large and small advertisers are finding success with simple, eye-catching creative.

1. Use an image with a single point of focus.
Most people never release that if you're image has multiple points of focus it will distract the person viewing the ad. You need to have one single point you are trying to draw attention too...

And that literally means you can keep it super simple by only having your product front and center in the ad.

You'd be surprised at how much this can change your conversion rates...

Because once people know what they are looking at and the faster they can realize what it is the better the chance you'll have a converting the person.

2. Keep it under budget.
If video production is too expensive, try carousel ads to showcase your products.

You don't have to make things so difficult. A simple carousel with product images will convert just as well.

Especially if you can keep the message concise and clear.

3. Shorten text.
First, make sure to try and avoid putting text in your image as that can limit your reach to begin with...

Now, you should try to keep your headline short and direct this way it instantly captures attention.

You should also make sure the first line of text in your ad sets up the rest of the ad from the start...

This basically means you need to call out who you are looking for in your ad that way when that person begins reading your ad they are instantly engaged and will continue to read the rest and move forward to convert.

4. Call to action.

Have a call to action button that is directing the person to take the next step.

Add a call to action link at the bottom of the text in your ad.

Comment the call to action and link below your ad.

You wouldn't believe how many people miss the call to action or don't ever click through because they don't have enough options...

The more ways you can provide the next step with a call to action the more likely it is that someone will convert.

Doing these things alone will improve your conversion rates significantly.

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To your success.

- Chase

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