6 Powerful Facebook Ad Lessons

Want to know why so many business owners struggle with Facebook ads and don't get a lot of sales?

I'll tell you... It's primarily because they believe the data in their business is accurate.

You see, most business owners craft their message, offer, landing page and launch Facebook ads...

After a few days, they generate a lot of leads with Facebook ads and go to check on the quality of the leads to find out...

That the leads have no money, no real interest, do not respond and do not act on any next steps.

90% of the leads are garbage...

So they ask some friends, post about it on Facebook, and receive some advice to "start targeting more interest audiences, set up lookalikes of website pageviews, lookalikes of leads, lookalikes of video views, and to retarget".

And that is when it all goes downhill...

Lesson #1: You should never take advice from people who don't know the full picture.

Lesson #2: If you create lookalikes on data that contains low-quality you will just get more low-quality. - It's that simple.

Lesson #3: If you want to rid yourself of low-quality you need to follow the direction of where low-quality originates from.

If the Leads are of low-quality... The Traffic is of low-quality...
If the Traffic is of low-quality... The Ad is of low-quality...
If the Ad is of low quality... The Ad Message is of low-quality...
If the Ad Message is of low-quality... The Offer is of low-quality...
If the Offer is of low-quality... The Leads will be of low-quality...

The source of "low-quality" can begin anywhere in the illustration shown above.

It could be the "traffic" the "ad" or the "ad message" that sends the low-quality but if you want to solve the low-quality lead problem the best place to start is at the beginning which is the "offer" and move your way up through the chain fixing each part as you go.

You see, the most successful Facebook advertisers generate huge ROIs by filtering out as many low-quality people from the start so they get 90% of leads that are of actual QUALITY.

You know, the type of quality leads that have money, who want to purchase, who need the product/service and want to take action.

Then... The most successful Facebook advertisers will create audiences using the accurate data they have gathered from the quality traffic, leads, and customers.

In fact, the difference is the successful Facebook advertisers know how to segment and filter leads from the beginning so they only get quality traffic, leads, and customers.

This makes the Facebook pixel and analytics 100x more valuable since it actually has accurate data.

Lesson #4: Filter the number of clicks your ads get by making your message call out the type of customer you want.

The Problem: If you only work with homeowners and you keep getting leads of people who live in apartments.

The Solution: Then you will want to fix your ad message by calling out the homeowners.

"Hey, are you a homeowner?"

This literally prevents anyone who is not a homeowner from wanting to click on your ad.

Which ends up providing you with a ton of quality data since primarily homeowners will be your traffic.

Lesson #5: Filter the number of leads your ads get by making your offer attract higher-income individuals.

The Problem: If your offer contains a free book, free 1-month service or free anything. You're going to attract free hungry people.

Yes, you might get low-cost leads but that also means low-quality leads.

The Solution: What you need to do is use words and phrases that align with more affluent people.

Lesson #6: Segment out the low-quality data by applying filters that only allow high-quality into your lookalikes.

The Problem: If all of your high-quality leads spend on average 4x the amount of time on your website compared to the amount of time low-quality leads spend.

The Solution: You should segment out the low-quality by applying a filter in your custom audience that only puts people into the audience if they spend 4x the time on your website than the average person.

This increases your chance of success substantially once you launch the lookalike.

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