3 Facebook Ad Tips To Increase Results

Increase your Facebook ad results by dramatically changing the way you approach creating your Facebook ads in the first place...

Tip #1: Your Offer Will Make or Break Your Campaign.

The better the offer the more likely it is that someone will convert.

Whether the offer is for a free item and they give you their email or the offer is a 50% off deal that nobody can refuse it's going to get more conversions than having no offer at all.

Strong copy will not overcome a weak offer. But strong copy will accelerate the results of a strong offer.

Tip #2: Strong Direct Copy Will Increase Conversions.

You need to write copy that calls out your exact audience.

The more direct your copy is the better.

When your copy calls out the exact audience you want, you'll see a huge lift in conversions.

The best part about this is Facebook shows your ad to the people you're trying to reach..

The last thing Facebook wants is your ad to be calling out a specific audience and it be shown to the opposite of who would buy your product.

So the more direct you can be the better.

The algorithm will optimize to show your ad to the correct audience.

Another huge benefit of direct ad copy is it will prevent unqualified users from clicking on your ads.

Which helps to maintain the highest of quality in your audiences.

Tip #3: Track Purchase Conversions, Not Vanity Metrics.

Don't worry about the link clicks, pageviews, or likes your ad gets...

Focus on what is going to move the bottom line by asking these questions...

How many purchase conversions did you get from the ad?

What was the return on ad spend?

What is the cost per purchase?

When you ask those questions and focus on the main thing your going to end up improving your results...

The last thing that should matter is how many impressions or likes an ad got.

Likes will not pay the bill for your Facebook ads.

But getting a ton of purchases sure will...

So start focusing on what really matters...

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To your success.

- Chase

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