3 Facebook Ad Tips To Increase New Customers

Here are three tips to increase the new customers you get from Facebook ads...

1.) Exclude Custom Audiences.

When you create a lookalike for your ad set to target new potential customers you need to exclude the custom audience you used to create it.

For example, if you create a 1% lookalike based on 180 day website visitors. Then exclude that 180 day website visitor audience in that ad set.

Excluding custom audiences ensures that your lookalikes are free to find new eyes and it conserves your spend to ONLY new eyes.

This in return not only finds you new potential customers but it improves your retargeting campaigns because your lookalikes are not spending money on showing it to the same people...

Ultimately allowing your retargeting to become much more effective.

2. Condense Overlapped Audiences.

We always seek to condense ad-sets wherever possible if they have a significant overlap of 30% or more.

This makes sure we're structured for scale and have more opportunities to get convert someone at a lower cost.

3. Retargeting Spending Structure.

You should have multiple retargeting breakouts...

The first one being top of funnel retargeting this is anyone who clicked, engaged, or viewed your website but did not take the first action...

Then you should have a low funnel retargeting this is anyone who converted on your landing page or added to cart but didn't purchase.

The messaging for these retargeting campaigns need to be unique to the audience set for the stage of the funnel they are in.

Now, you should always spend more money on the lower funnel then the top of funnel retargeting...

This is because the lower funner has 'low' hanging fruit which means it's much easier to convert...

And not only is it easier but you spent a lot of ad spend just to get them to that point so you might as well convert them into purchases.

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