Facebook Ads / TikTok Ads Millionaire Consulting Mastermind


Coaches and Consultants scale your business to 7-figures and become #1 in your market. So far we’ve made 138 millionaires out of the 420+ clients we’ve worked with.

7-Figure Consulting entails hands-on mentorship from Chase Chappell and his team. This is an annual mentorship program where the goal would be to:

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Build systems & processes
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Build your company ecosystem
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Scale to 7-figures with a proven roadmap
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Automate your marketing

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. This is why in the Facebook Ads / TikTok Ads Millionaire Consulting Mastermind program we provide hands-on mentorship and guidance.

We have already helped our clients generate over $350,000,000+

We’ve helped create 138 millionaires in the Millionaire Consulting Mastermind out of 420+ customers.

We help people both from scratch, to existing coaches, to existing agencies. The reason we get our customers such incredible results is because we’re hands-on, practice what we preach and genuinely care for everyone we work together with.

We keep it simple, result focused and pave a clear path uniquely to our customers situation and their goals.

Personalized Expert Mentorship

Facebook Ads / TikTok Ads Millionaire Consulting Mastermind is an annual 1-1 mentorship program exclusively with Chase Chappell.

In this mentorship program, we breakdown your current situation and see how in the shortest timeline how we can take you to the desired situation.

You get access to all our course products, our coaching team, systems & processes, mentorship from Chase, a community of winners, and much more.

Chase provides hands-on mentorship to ensure you can get results with your coaching or consulting business. We provide you with a paved, clear path, and a roadmap specifically designed for you.

Our Offer

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Weekly Coaching Calls (Monday - Wednesday) ($12,997 Value)
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Full & Unlimited Access To The Facebook Ads Expert Mastery Course 1.0 ($1,500 Value)
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Full & Unlimited Access To The Facebook Ads Expert Mastery Course 2.0 ($3,000 Value)
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Full & Unlimited Access To The 10 Fundamental Rules to Success With Facebook Ads ($97 Value)
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Full & Transparent Access To Our Marketing And Sales Strategies For Paid Advertising ($97 Value) 
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Access To Our Funding Partners & Our Personal Paid Infrastructure ($500 Value)
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Unlimited Access To Our Private Winners Facebook Group ($1,500 Value)
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Full & Unlimited Access To All 160+ Previously Recorded Live Coaching Calls ($1,500 Value)
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Full & Unlimited Access To All 35+ Facebook Ad Modules + Plug & Play Templates ($1,500 Value)
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Full & Unlimited Access To 150+ Guides, PDFs, and Recorded Resources (BONUS)
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The Ultimate Metrics Tracking Sheet To Consistently Track All Metric Progress Day-By-Day (BONUS)
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Action Items (Complete Specific Objectives, Know When To Continue To The Next Phase) (BONUS)
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Breakeven Calculator (Input Spend / Revenue Marker) Measure Your Weekly Profit Goals (BONUS)
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 20+ Downloadable Resources That Our Personal Media Buyers Use To Scale Results MoM (BONUS)

We go above and beyond to give you more Ideas, Value, and Growth.

“ Huge shoutout to Chase Chappell… We’ve done close to $2m in sales in the last year, just with Facebook Ads alone. ”

- Curtis
“ Chase is one of the few people that is actually there for you and answers all your questions. ”

- Lucas
“ It’s super helpful to find out new things that are happening in the industry and future ways to advertise especially with all the changes. He shows a genuine interest in our campaigns and wants us to do well. ”

- Mark
“ This takes all the emotions out of running Facebook ads… and teaches how to systematize everything, and makes it so easy. ”

- Jake
“ Being able to hop on calls every week and ask questions that are specific to our situation was completely invaluable. ”

- Derek
“ I’ve probably 50x my investment since joining. So would I recommend joining… Absolutely. ”

- Steven
“ He helped me gain clarity, and optimize my ads and actually get the results that I wanted. ”

- Wes
“ I was getting a 2x return on ad spend, and spending thousands… Once I started with Chase, I started hitting a 7X, and 8X ROAS. Like Crazy! ”

- Yazan
“ You can ask whatever you want and he has an amazing answer for every single question. ”

- Mario
“ Chase is the go-to guy for everything digital. We’ve seen nothing but success with his strategy… Our campaigns and conversions have gone though the roof. ”

- Will
“ This is hands down, the #1 course I could possibly recommend. It has all the value, no fluff, no BS. Just straight goods. He just tells you exactly what you need to do. ”

- Girard

Anyone can give you promises, but we can give you results...