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Chase Chappell is a serial entrepreneur, marketer, and founder of Chappell Digital, a Facebook media buying firm comprising an in-house marketing division, consulting arm, and accounts team. He's also the creator and instructor of the Facebook Ads Expert Mastery Class.

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Chase is an internationally-recognized authority on Facebook advertising.

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What my students say

See what my Facebook Ad students have to say about the Facebook Ads Expert Mastery Class

"I'm blown away by the content in the Facebook ads course so far"
Lee V.
Facebook Ads Expert Mastery Student
"Facebook ad ROAS is up to a 3.33X so we are making progress!"
Christopher H.
Facebook Ads Expert Mastery Student
"My Facebook ad ROI has already increased with the implementations from the course"
Jacob J.
Facebook Ads Expert Mastery Student
“I learned a ton of Facebook ad information that I never knew existed or saw before. So far, this course is worth every single penny."
Edison T.
Facebook Ads Expert Mastery Student
"The Facebook ad information provided here is of a higher caliber than other sources, including other courses, I've come across."
Julian T.
Facebook Ads Expert Mastery Student
"Working with Chase has been awesome. He has really gone above & beyond to help answer my questions and help me get results."
Lucas M.
Facebook Ads Expert Mastery Student
"I 100% recommend the Facebook Ads Expert Mastery Course as it’s a necessity to have someone with experience and results guiding you."
Steven M.
Facebook Ads Expert Mastery Student
"I took an online Facebook ads course with Chase Chappell. It is awesome! He is so knowledgable, genuine, and helpful."
Kara S.
Facebook Ads Expert Mastery Student
"With the results, I mean income, that I've been seeing from my ads I'm impressed! And quite frankly, this is the first time that I've been able to turn a consistent profit."
Philip D.
Facebook Ads Expert Mastery Student
"Big thanks to Chase for all your help so far and I have learned so much. It is really helpful to have someone who has the experience to point me in the right direction."
Andrew G.
Facebook Ads Expert Mastery Student
Facebook Ads Expert Mastery

About the Facebook Ads Mastery Class

This is your chance to get live feedback with ME so you can chat about Facebook Ads, ask questions about optimization, scaling, get my advice on an ad, hear personalized feedback on a strategy and more.

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Chase offers 1on1 coaching calls to go over your Facebook Ad account.

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Weekly Q&As

Chase does two live Q&A calls in the Facebook Ads Expert Mastery Class every week.

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After spending over 6 years in Facebook marketing I’d love to share what I’ve learned and connect with those who’ve supported me since the start of my career.

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